Unpublished Private Eye article

Having worked with a journalist from Private Eye since January, and having finally been told that they are not publishing the article, without giving me any reason,  I am now publishing the article on my website. People have to know this story and I have to do what I can to expose it. I have asked various people at Private Eye why they didn’t publish it and none of them have deigned to give me proper answer.  So here is the article Private Eye didn’t publish:

2 thoughts on “Unpublished Private Eye article

  1. I used to think that the eye was pretty fearless. Whether they have been leaned on, or whether Hislop is en route to some honour, I cannot tell.

    • Nicholas Wilson

      It is very peculiar. They have never told me. I’ve heard the BBA are quite heavy, or maybe just a threat from HSBC.

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