Max Keiser hears about the HSBC(HFC) fraud

Today I telephoned Max Keiser at his invitation on Colourful Radio to tell him and Stacy Herbert all about the HSBC (HFC) fraud. There was a misunderstanding in that he thought I had been sacked by the solicitors that represented me, rather than the solicitors that employed me and who sacked me for reporting them to the Law Society, but the basic facts of the fraud got an airing. I’m now hoping for an appearance on the Keiser Report.

You can hear the podcast here:

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2 thoughts on “Max Keiser hears about the HSBC(HFC) fraud

  1. Climsec

    Very interesting, and I admire you for staying the course and speaking the truth. People need to know about this fraud.

    • Nicholas Wilson

      Many thanks Lisa, that’s kind to say

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