Every single FCA Committee has an HSBC connected person on it

For 4 years I have attempted to ensure that the Financial Conduct Authority fulfill its obligations and regulate HSBC and order redress to hundreds of thousands of defrauded consumers. Following a decision last year by the Complaints Commissioner the FCA undertook to re-open their investigation into HSBC and John Lewis Financial Services Limited (HSBC). All they have done is appoint as non-executive directors personnel from HSBC and John Lewis.

There is now an HSBC connected person on the Board of Directors and every single Committee of the FCA. The people are the Chairman, John Griffith-Jones of KPMG, HSBC’s last auditors, Ruth Kelly, disgraced former MP and HSBC director, Baroness Hogg, of John Lewis Audit Committee, Tim Parkes of HSBC solicitors Herbert Smith and current HSBC director Rosemary Martin on the advisory board of the UK Listing Authority. Click on the highlighted areas of the image below for details of membership of the committees. All of them are represented.

Furthermore, the FCA Listing Authority Advisory Panel includes a current director of HSBC, Rosemary Martin: