email to Solicitors Regulation Authority

This is an email I sent to Jo Duffy at the Solicitors Regulation Authority on 31 October. She is the supervisor who allegedly “investigated” my complaint against Duncan Hamilton and Restons. She has not yet responded, and if she does so I will post her answer.

Dear Madam

I understand that you were responsible for this apparent “investigation” into my complaints concerning Restons solicitors and Duncan Hamilton (then of HSBC, now working as a consultant at Restons).

You have utterly failed in your duty towards the public of whom I estimate there are 500,000 who have been affected by the fraud reported to you. I  cannot understand how you can possibly conclude that there is insufficient evidence of any wrongdoing. You obviously did not look at my website ( where there is voluminous evidence.

You may wish to revisit this complaint, it is shortly going to be big news and the SRA will be in the spotlight as an utterly useless, possibly corrupt, regulator.

Nicholas Wilson