How I voted today

This is how I voted today in the UK general election. It is the only honest ballot paper, because however you vote, HSBC maintain power over of all MPs. I believe in democracy, not plutocracy (government by the wealthy).  It is an offence to take a photograph of a ballot paper.  

Another HSBC AGM, another pack of lies

The ever supportive Joel Benjamin (@Gian_Tcatt) attended the HSBC AGM today in London. Once again he asked Chairman Douglas Flint about the bank’s provisions for the fraud revealed on these pages. Once again the bank’s dismissive response was “we don’t agree with Mr Wilson”. Do they also disagree with the Office of Fair Trading and […]

What is the point of the FCA?

A big support of mine Ben Tomeo , has made a formal complaint on my behalf to the Complaints Commissioner about the Financial Conduct Authority’s failure to take action on massive HSBC fraud and their collusion with the bank to cover it up. In the course of his complaint he has been trying to ascertain […]

Dear BBC – My cat died

A supporter, Ian Allardyce,  recently wrote to the BBC complaining that he hadn’t seen anything on the news about the fact that his cat Tiddles had died. He received this response: “Whilst we appreciate your feedback, we know that not everyone will agree with our choices on which stories to cover, and the prominence that […]

Fraud authorities fail to act

This is how the authorities responsible for investigating fraud reacted to my report of massive fraud by HSBC. The National Fraud Authority wrote to my MP saying that I should go to Action Fraud, which will pass intelligence on to City of London Police: Action Fraud denied ever having received my report: “Dear Sir, I […]

Proper Journalism

I am very grateful to Dr Nafeez Ahmed, an investigative journalist, bestselling author and international security scholar, for writing the best article on my story to appear yet. It is comprehensive, accurate and shocking –  to me, even though I have lived through the story myself. I won’t reproduce it here, I want you to […]

HSBC lies yet again

Unbelievably in the midst of all the scandals swirling round HSBC at the moment they have just lied again. A very well know journalist contacted the press office today and asked whether the contingent liability of $1bn reported in their accounts for “technical requirments of the Consumer Credit Act” (i.e. fraud) relate to my allegations. […]

Serious questions for FCA

It has been pointed out to me, and I’m grateful to Paul Cotterill (@Bickerrecord on twitter) for drawing my attention to it, that during the period that I was in dispute with the Financial Conduct Authority because of their woeful inaction on my reports of massive fraud by HSBC and their subsequent collusion with the […]

The FCA tells me to get stuffed

Having completely embarrassed the Financial Conduct Authority for their collusion with HSBC to cover-up the fraud,  they have now told me to get stuffed. That’s the second regulator to have done that, the SRA did too. Here’s the email I’ve just received. Dear Mr Wilson As stated in my decision letter of 12 December 2014, […]

Prayers from Lambeth Palace

As part of my campaign to raise awareness of massive HSBC fraud I contacted Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury, because he sat on the Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards. This is the response I received; I did reply that this was not an “individual case” but involves 5-600,000 victims.  I never heard from him again. […]

The FCA blames me

It has taken me some time to come to terms with this extraordinary letter received from the Financial Conduct Authority in which they admit that they colluded with HSBC by copying and pasting text received from HSBC (see Ian Fraser‘s blog) but deny that they colluded with HSBC! The letter was written to Ben Tomeo, […]

Who does regulate lawyers?

More regulatory nonsense here. A supporter of mine, Arthur Shuter had written to the Solicitors Regulation Authority complaining about Paul Kavanagh, an HSBC in-house solicitor who worked under the name DG Solicitors, a bogus firm that claimed on their letterhead that they were regulated by the SRA  (arguably a criminal offence). Furthermore, HSBC wrote to […]

Captured Guardian

This picture neatly sums of the Guardian’s relationship to HSBC: Update 15 February – it has just been stated by HSBC in the Treasury Select Committee meeting today that the Guardian is the biggest recipient of digital advertising revenue from HSBC. I have been saying for some time that the reason the Guardian don’t report […]

Don’t blow the whistle.

After a 12 year struggle trying to expose massive fraud by HSBC, having lost my job; nearly lost my home and facing new repossession proceedings; having damaged my mental and physical health to the extent that I am probably no longer capable of working; and having met and talked to many whistleblowers in similar situations, […]

Excellent blog by Ian Fraser

Esteemed financial journalist Ian Fraser, author of Shredded: Inside RBS, the Bank That Broke Britain has written an excellent blog about the FCA collusion with HSBC to cover up the fraud. It was written at this time because on Tuesday 27 January the Treasury Select Committee are grilling John Griffith-Jones and Martin Wheatley, chairman and […]

HSBC continue to lie about SRA regulation

Having lied to parliament about their fake solicitors being regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, as detailed here, HSBC continue to repeat the lie as in this letter from a correspondent, dated 11 December 2014 (click to enlarge): For the avoidance of doubt, this is what the SRA wrote in an email:  

Weightmans – Law firm of the year

In 2012 Weightmans was adjudged National/Regional Law Firm of the Year. It was Weightmans that sacked me for reporting them to the Law Society for fraud and it was Weightmans that used to refer to me as Mr Ethical. Now Weightmans have been exposed in the Guardian for illegally obtaining personal credit information. Article here […]

Revolving Doors part 2

This is quite extraordinary. I made my complaint against my employers Weightmans for illegal practice on behalf of HSBC to the Law Society (president Fiona Woolf) in 2006. It was referred to the newly created Solicitors Regulation Authority (chief executive Anthony Townsend). The SRA although upholding my complaint covered up the fraud. In June this […]

HSBC litany of lies

I thought it would be useful to catalogue the litany of lies that HSBC has produced to try to avoid liability for their fraud since I went public with my information. This disregards all the lies and fraud that preceded my public campaign. It culminates in their lying to the Treasury Select Committee. To Radio5 […]

HSBC lies to Parliament.

There is now a article about this blog here. The issue of fake solicitors has been in the news recently and as a result the Treasury Select Committee on Banking wrote to various banks asking for clarification of their practices. In their reply to the TSC HSBC stated: The letter to the TSC from Mr […]

Why Simon Danczuk won’t help me

Simon Danczuk MP has done good work in fighting for a public inquiry into historical child sex abuse in the establishment. He has also made very public his objection to Fiona Woolf heading the inquiry because of her connections with Leon Brittan, Home Secretary at the time important records went missing and himself implicated in […]

first response from Fiona Woolf

I apologise that I am unlikely to be able to respond to emails promptly. If you have any diary queries, please contact Lucy Crowe at the Mansion House on My PA at CMS is Alison Cooper on My reply: I have copied below an email I have sent to Fiona Woolf. I look […]

email to Fiona Woolf

I have today sent this email to Fiona Woolf, which will be self-explanatory. Dear Madam As part of  your project to convince the public of your suitability to chair the CSA Inquiry could you please explain to me your role, whilst President of the Law Society and representative of the City of London, in this […]

Woolf must go

Fiona Woolf has been appointed to chair the inquiry into the child sex abuse scandal engulfing the British establishment. She claims not to be of the establishment, but she is Lord Mayor of London, so I’m not sure who she thinks the establishment is. However, far more serious is that Woolf has already presided over […]

HSBC (USA) Sexual Harassment case goes to court

As previously reported HSBC in NY are facing allegations of retaliation against two employees for reporting sexual harassment against their colleague “Jane Doe”. The matter has now received a preliminary hearing as reported here by Law360. HSBC (USA) Securities Inc. is facing a pair of lawsuits in New York federal court alleging it retaliated against […]

Corruption in Parliament.

This is how Cameron buried bad news about HSBC and the £1bn fraud, in order to get criminal banker Stephen Green into parliament. Look at the dates on these documents. Stephen Green is made a Lord by Cameron The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) signs an order against HFC(HSBC) telling them to stop adding illegal […]

Welcome to the plutocracy

I went through the FTSE100 list of top UK companies to see how many bankers or ex-bankers sat on the board of directors of each company. The result was alarming. There was one company (Meggitt an engineering company, but their information was very thin, so I might be wrong) where I could find no connection, […]

Establishment taking the mickey

Remember this?  Proof of collusion between HSBC and FCA I had discovered that the FCA and HSBC were working together to work out what to say to me and the public about the fraud and together they came up with a whopping lie. Well, I found out today that the in-house legal team at the […]

HSBC’s Damascene Conversion

Has HSBC seen the light? I wrote this article, at their request,  for a well know forum that exposes bank rip-offs but who ran a mile when they realised it was about their paymasters HSBC. So, feel free to use the article wherever. All the details are evidenced with links. HSBC’s Damascene Conversion? by Mr […]

Compare these 2 documents

This is the OFT order imposed against HFC (HSBC) in 2010 from which it can be seen  that the OFT ordered the bank to stop adding collection charges until they changed their terms and conditions. And this statement I received from the FCA in April, stating that HFC agreements entitled them to add collection charges. […]

Evidence of SRA complete failure

I had always known that my ex employer Weightmans solicitors had carried on adding the illegal “collection charges” after the Solicitors Regulation Authority had ruled against them, following my complaint to them and my losing my job because of it. I knew this because I came across a claim form issued by Weightmans after the […]

establishment cover up

I thought I would just highlight one of  the establishment cover-ups of HSBC fraud. An OFT order was made against HFC (HSBC) but covered up because it coincided with Cameron making the bank’s chair a Lord. Cameron had meetings with Stephen Green, Chair of HSBC in August and September August, 2010 Stephen Green, Chairman of […]

Reply to HSBC

As usual Douglas Flint referred my email to a lackey at dodgy lawyers DG Solicitors who replied with his usual “the bank has nothing to add” – so, I have sent him this email today: Dear Mr Kavanagh You may wish to reconsider your position in a few weeks’ time. You cannot avoid your liabilities […] article

Following Douglas Flint of HSBC’s extraordinary statement that whistleblowers should be celebrated and rewarded I was approached by for my comments. Here they are.

Will HSBC pay me compensation?

It has been reported in the news today that Douglas Flint of HSBC says that he believes whistleblowers should be celebrated and rewarded. I have therefore sent him this email. Dear Mr Flint I’m very pleased to hear that you are publicly supporting whistleblowers by saying they should be celebrated and rewarded. As you know […]

Ridiculous response from HSBC

I have received the most ridiculous response from HSBC in reply to my email of 29 August to HSBC solicitor Paul Kavanagh. I was basically asking him why their email to Joel Benjamin of 30 June,  was in exactly the same terms as an email I received from the FCA. Instead of answering my question, […]

Crime pays in Cameron’s UK plc

I have had to wait a couple of days before writing about the BBC appointment of Rona Fairhead as the new Chair of the Board of Trustees because I have been reeling from shock. Rona Fairhead is Chair of  HSBC North America Holdings Inc. According to Andrew Trotman in the Telegraph, at the time HSBC […]

Lawyer to BBC about HSBC fraud

This is what a prominent lawyer wrote to a prominent journalist at the BBC about the HSBC fraud, in April this year, to support the veracity of my story. Still, nothing has happened except that I have discovered the FCA and HSBC have colluded and lied to the public. What does a man have to […]

email to HSBC solicitor

Today I have sent this email to HSBC solicitor Paul Kavanagh (who’s name on appears on their “fake” solicitor letters from DG Solicitors). I will post any reply received. Dear Mr Kavanagh In view of your email below, I shall be grateful if you would please read this – and then explain to me […]

Public Interest Psychology

I have received invaluable support from David Morgan of Public Interest Psychology. He has developed a special interest in the psychology of whistleblowing and has met and counselled many high profile whistleblowers, and written papers and given talks on the subject. Recently he has assisted me with a Mandatory Reconsideration for Employment Support Allowance and […]

Why did HSBC close Gaza charity account?

It seems very strange that HSBC has written to a British charity, Ummah Welfare Trust, (dedicated to relieving suffering in Gaza, and elsewhere) informing it that it intends to close its accounts as the charity now falls outside the banks’ “risk appetite”. HSBC is the only foreign bank operating in Israel that provides private banking […]

Three statements

Statement 1 – Office of Fair Trading November 2010 Statement 2 – Financial Conduct Authority April 2014 HFC’s agreements with customers gave it the right to do this and the fee was added after the customer had defaulted on the loan/credit card payments Statement 3 – HSBC – June 2014 HFC’s agreements with customers gave […]

My email to Financial Conduct Authority

Dear Sirs I refer to this email I received from you on 10 April: On 10/04/2014 15:05, “Freedom of Information” <> wrote: Prior to 2010, when HFC sent an account to solicitors to recover outstanding debts (e.g. on personal loans, credit and store cards), it added a charge to reflect the costs of the recovery. […]

HSBC’s Deferred Prosecution Agreement

HSBC is effectively on probation. Having entered into a DPA with the US courts in 2013, the bank’s behaviour over the following five years will be monitored by the Court, and the bank has to file quarterly reports of any significant developments. I assume that the revelation of massive fraud in the UK will not […]

HSBC’s “fake” solicitors

I have known for some time that HSBC have used “fake” solicitor’s letters to send to debtors. But the matter has become big news because of a similar practice by Wonga. (I wrote a guest blog for Move Your Money on the subject) This is a letter from what appears to be a firm of […]

Proof of collusion between HSBC and FCA

Joel Benjamin of Move Your Money has received an email today from David Culberson, Deputy Head Customer Relations at HSBC in reply to his follow up email after the AGM when he asked awkward questions about this fraud. The email contained the following paragraphs: “Prior to 2010, when HFC sent an account to solicitors to […]

Wonga v HSBC (HFC)

I was asked yesterday to write a guest blog for Move Your Money (an important campaigning group encouraging bank customers to move accounts to credit unions and ethical banks)  about the news that Wonga have been ordered to pay compensation of £2.5m to customers for writing to them from fake solicitors and demanding payment for […]

Deep fraud and the ecology of capitalism

I have coined a new term. Deep Fraud. It is similar to deep ecology – “Human interference with or destruction of the natural world poses a threat therefore not only to humans but to all organisms constituting the natural order.” For human in the above sentence substitute banker/lawyer/accountant. It is my belief that the fraud […]

Three documents which prove HSBC fraud

From the Solicitors Code of Conduct (rules which must not be breached, based on Solicitors Act 1974):A letter from Restons claiming a “collection charge” of £508.54The order from the Office of Fair Trading dated November 2010, ordering the bank not to apply “collection charges” unless and until they amend their credit agreement terms:  

Private prosecution of HSBC and solicitors

I have decided to take out a private prosecution against Douglas Flint, Chair HSBC Holdings (and previously Finance Director) and 6 solicitors, Ian Evans, Patrick Gaul and Andrew Cox, of Weightmans, Chistopher Reston, Nigel Coe, Duncan Hamilton (ex-HSBC) of Restons. The charges will be conspiracy to commit fraud and: fraud by false representation fraud by […]

My MP’s disgrace

I recently met with my MP, Amber Rudd, and asked her to facilitate a meeting with the City of London police in order that I could report the massive HSBC fraud. Knowing that MPs are busy I offered to draft the body of the letter, which she accepted. Instead of writing a letter she asked […]

Is MI5 protecting HSBC?

Recently Private Eye magazine made a Freedom of Information Act request to a government department concerning Lord Green, ex chair of HSBC Group. ( I no longer have a copy of the article and cannot recall the name of the department). The exemption in the Act which the department used to justify their refusal to […]

FCA cover-up

Update: 20 January 2015 – since writing this blog I have received confirmation from the FCA that they did indeed contact HSBC to ask them what to say to me, as I suspected. What the bank said was 100% false. Here is an extract of a “requirement” imposed on HFC Bank (HSBC) by the Office […]

FCA confirm that they have done nothing

Today I received the following email from the Financial Conduct Authority. It appears that following my report to them in December 2012 of wide-scale fraud they did……nothing. They have obviously been spending the time since my Freedom of Information Request working out a way of explaining why they have done nothing. The Solicitors Regulation Authority […]

Benefits stopped

I have just been phoned by the Department of Work and Pensions to inform me that my benefits have been stopped, as from today. I have been on Employment Support Allowance because my doctor considers me unfit for work due to depression. I had an Atos assessment on 28 March.  It is as a result […]

Sham “job interview”

In the course of my 10 year campaign against bank fraud, surprisingly I have  had only one scary experience. But it was scary. Shortly after I started revealing details of the fraud on this website, I responded to an ad for a job in Eastbourne (£15k), for which I was well qualified. The agency said […]

Action Fraud have no record of complaint

Last year, I don’t recall when, I reported the massive HSBC fraud to Action Fraud without much expectation of any action being taken but I wasn’t prepared for them to claim that they had no record of the report. I was never called back or written to with a reference number. I’m too weary to […]

The cover-ups

I thought it would be useful to detail the different cover-ups by various bodies, to protect the reputation, such that it is, of HSBC. I don’t necessarily think there has been a conspiracy. It’s just the culture in this country that the City is not touched by the people who rely on it for their […]

SRA tells me to get stuffed

The Solicitors Regulation Authority have now told me that they will not be considering the new evidence I supplied of Restons having misled them (here and here) and have now told me, basically, to get stuffed. I’m sure the hundreds of thousand of victims of Restons fraud will be pleased to know that there is […]

Height of arrogance?

The managing partner at fraudsters Restons, Nigel Coe,  who wrote this smartarse response to a Private Eye journalist, dipped his toe into Twitter and favourited this tweet of mine. Is this the height of arrogance? (click to enlarge)  

New complaint to SRA

In view of the letter I have received from the Solicitors Regulation Authority in which they state that they visited Restons’ office and inspected their files, I have made a new complaint to them setting out precisely why they have been duped by Restons and hope that they now look into this further. The matter […]

Restons collude with bank in fraud

I have today received a response from the Solicitors Regulation Authority, which I show below. It appears that they visited Restons office and were satisfied that seeing Restons appeared to have billed the bank separately to the “collection charge” there is no contingency fee arrangement. This explains why HSBC have been saying the collection charge […]

Enough evidence of cover-up?

After the Solicitors Regulation Authority adjudicated that Weightmans had acted illegally by applying contingency fees they carried on applying 16.4% to debts. A year later the SRA  received a complaint from a debtor about the charges and sent this response: “Received a letter this week from the Solicitors Regulation Authority, basically they do not feel […]

FCA have lost my complaint

I made a Freedom of Information Act request to the Financial Conduct Authority for details of what they had done with my complaint about HSBC fraud. This is the response I received today. This is very strange because when I have phoned them they have recognised the reference I had previously been given Dear Mr […]

Regulators in action

Having made a Freedom of Information request to the Legal Services Board asking what action had been taken on my report of the Solicitors Regulation Authority not adequately investigating my complaint of widespread fraud, I received the response below, setting out what happened. In short, there was an internal meeting, a letter was sent to […]

More SRA bluster

A reader of my website wrote to the Solicitors Regulation Authority enquiring as to why they had not taken any proper action on my complaints about Restons and Weightmans. He received this standard reply, below. One does wonder what risk to the public would prompt an investigation, since £750m fraud doesn’t seem to motivate them. […]

FoI to FCA

Today I made the following Freedom of Information request to the Financial Conduct Authority which is self-explantory. Any response will be posted here. Dear sirs This is a request under the Freedom of Information Act for details of what the authority has done in terms of investigating a complaint I made against HSBC in December […]

What is the FCA doing?

Today I telephoned the Financial Conduct Authority to enquire as to progress of my report from December 2012 concerning this massive fraud by HFC (HSBC). They could not or would not tell me anything; whether it’s being investigated, if any action has been taken etc. I have heard nothing since my report. As far as […]

Why did Legal Service Board’s attitude change?

When I contacted the Legal Services Board last November concerning the totally inadequate investigation by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, they read my website and sent an email containing this: “Therefore, given the serious nature of your allegation, we are considering whether the issue raises any wider concerns that it may be appropriate for us to […]

Nauseating practices by Household in US

This article in Rolling Stone is quite shocking about Household (HFC) practices in US to lure sub-prime borrows and lumber them with mortgages worse than their current ones. The bank was subject to a $2.46bn judgment in the largest ever trial for securities fraud in the US, in October this year. The article contains clips […]

Email to Douglas Flint HSBC

Since the solicitor delegated to write me a patronising letter continues to ignore my correspondence I have now sent this email to the chair of HSBC Group, Douglas Flint: Dear Mr Flint Unfortunately I find I have to write to you again because, as usual, I am being ignored. The solicitor you asked to write […]

New email to HSBC lawyer

I have today went this email to Paul Kavanagh, a solicitor at HSBC following previous correspondence shown on this blog. Any response will be posted. Dear Mr Kavanagh I refer to my two emails of 15 November to which you have not yet replied. This issue has cost me my livelihood, has occupied me for […]

HSBC (HFC) lawyers admit fraud

See this response from Restons solicitors dated 9 August,  to a Private Eye journalist’s request for an explanation of the “collection charges” they were adding to accounts. In his smartarse answer the lawyer is effectively admitting their fraud – the OFT ordered the bank in 2010 to stop adding a “collection charge” or change their […]

SRA had a chat with Restons

I said I would post the SRA’s reply to my recent email and here it is, together with my reply of today. Lee Shrimpton is the the SRA press officer. It seems the extent of the SRA “investigation” of my complaint was to have a chat with Restons. Move along, nothing to see here.

Intervention at Making Banks Work for Us

Yesterday evening I attended an event organised by London Green MEP Jean Lambert, who had invited Douglas Flint, Chair of HSBC Holdings. Questions had to be submitted in writing and since it was highly unlikely any questions I may have about the bank’s fraud would be asked I interrupted proceedings and presented Mr Flint with […]

Why is it fraud?

Taking this definition of fraud from the Serious Fraud Office: It is deception because the consumer credit agreements state that on default the bank can charge “reasonable costs” or “costs on an indemnity basis”, neither of which allow them to add a straight 16.4% to the debt immediately on default. Which is why the OFT […]

email to Solicitors Regulation Authority

This is an email I sent to Jo Duffy at the Solicitors Regulation Authority on 31 October. She is the supervisor who allegedly “investigated” my complaint against Duncan Hamilton and Restons. She has not yet responded, and if she does so I will post her answer. Dear Madam I understand that you were responsible for […]

Unpublished Private Eye article

Having worked with a journalist from Private Eye since January, and having finally been told that they are not publishing the article, without giving me any reason,  I am now publishing the article on my website. People have to know this story and I have to do what I can to expose it. I have […]

Even more evidence of HSBC lies

This is from an email from HSBC claiming that the illegal charges are added by the bank, and not by the solicitors. They are saying this because presumably they think that if they claim the charges are added by the bank then they will not be illegal because they will not breach the solicitors rules. […]

Further lies from HSBC

HSBC said this in an email dated 17 July 2013. (They have always stated that the solicitors did not add the charges – although I worked for the solicitors and we did add the charges): “The collection charge was not one made by HFCs solicitors, but by the bank itself. HFC was contractually entitled to […]

Evidence of HSBC lies

How HSBC, Europe’s largest bank tries to avoid liability for its fraud – by lying. This is an extract from an email received by a Private Eye journalist from HSBC dated 19 July 2013: Here is a court record of a claim issued in the name of John Lewis Financial Services (HSBC) on 20 January […]

HFC attitude to PPI

At the meeting I had at HFC head office in 2003 to discuss my firm continuing to act for John Lewis, their solicitor Duncan Hamilton explained Payment Protection Insurance to me because I hadn’t come across it before. He then proudly claimed that they never paid out under PPI. I asked why not and he […]

Illegal charges

Here is a simple explanation of why HSBC/HFC charges are unlawful, besides being unlawful contingency fees. Here is a computer generated letter from Restons, where they charge £508.64, before they have done any work (some of the charges are as much as £5,000): This is an extract from the Solicitors Code of Conduct, which forbids […]

Further cover-up

What is the point in whistleblowing if the regulators don’t take any action? I  received this response from the Solicitors Regulation Authority on September 17 – 13 months after my original complaint to them of illegal practice by Restons and Duncan Hamilton: I believe any intelligent person reading my website can see that there is […]

Revolving doors

On August 3 2012 I reported HFC (HSBC) solicitor Duncan Hamilton and Restons, a firm of solicitors, to the Solicitors Regulation Authority for applying illegal charges to consumers accounts, for at least 7 years and possibly as many as 25 years.  I have still not heard from the SRA. However, shortly after my report I […]

Further evidence of SRA cover-up

Below is an entry appears in an online consumer forum. It appears that a debtor made a complaint to the Solicitors Regulation Authority about the “collection charge” and the SRA stated that there was not a problem. This entry is dated August 2008, just over a year after the SRA stated that the charges were […]

What happens to the charges?

I am very interested to know what happens to the illegal charges that were imposed on accounts by HSBC (HFC) when the debts were assigned to factoring companies such as Arrow Global, Phoenix Recoveries and Link Financial. Presumably the whole debt including the charge (which is added at the outset, before any solicitor action) is […]

Any VAT Experts?

I believe that the VAT arrangement between HSBC and the solicitors needs to be investigated by an expert. It seems very strange to me that the debtor is unwittingly paying the bank’s VAT. The 16.4% added to the debt is a 14% fee for the solicitors with VAT at 17.5% added, which equals 16.4%. If […]

HSBC confused

Apparently HSBC told BBC Radio 5 that I am “confused” about contingency fees. I would rather rely on this ruling from the Solicitors Regulation Authority after my complaint to them about the bank’s illegal practice:

Coincidence ?

On 16 November 2010 Stephen Green, chairman of HSBC was made Baron Green of Hurstpierpoint by Cameron. On 17 November 2010 the Office of Fair Trading made an order against HSBC (HFC Bank part of the HSBC Group) forbidding them from adding unlawful charges to debtor’s accounts. This order was hidden away in a press […]

Parliamentary cover-up?

Having been unable to expose the illegal dealings of HSBC and having been informed by Registry Trust (Ministry of Justice) that they would not supply me with public domain information and that I needed to appeal in the county court I asked my local MP Amber Rudd ( Tory, background in banking) to intervene. I […]

HSBC regrets buying HFC Bank

The ex-chairman of HSBC Stephen Green, now Minister of State for Trade in the current government, said this: “With the benefit of hindsight, this is an acquisition we wish we had not undertaken” referring to HSBC’s $15Bn acquisition of the sub-prime lender Household International in 2003. In 2008 HFC was fined £1.08m by the FSA […]

Catch 22

When I was trying to help people recover money from HSBC I had a bizarre “Catch 22” situation. I required authorisation from the Ministry of Justice to act as a claims manager. However, it was the MoJ who had refused, via Registry Trust, to give me access to public domain information. Therefore, I could not […]

“Mr Ethical”

Because of my refusal to do illegal work for HSBC (HFC) by boss used to refer to me as “Mr Ethical”. This is from an email sent to one of the other partners in 2005: And I was threatened with dismissal when my employer wrote this to my solicitors Bindmans: As I reported the firm […]

This is why contingency fees are unlawful

Contingency fees are unlawful because it means lawyers have a vested interest in the outcome of the litigation which may encourage them to cut corners. This happened, especially in my case because the solicitors paid for all disbursements and it was in their interest to save money. Here, in a grievance letter I wrote to […]

Psychiatric report

My employer sent me to a Harley Street psychiatrist for an assessment, prior to my returning to work after a period off for stress caused by their behaviour (I’m told this is common in whistle-blower cases), and presumably because I questioned their understanding of the law, and no doubt to show that I was an […]

False accounting?

Having written to HFC Bank on behalf of a debtor to reclaim the “collection charge” they stated this in a letter dated 15 September 2010 ( N.B. the terms and conditions give no details whatsoever of the charges “you agree may be charged” – they just state either “reasonable costs” or “costs on an indemnity […]

The crucial email

I sent this email to the Senior Partner, Managing Partner and other relevant partners at Weightmans, complaining that the work we were doing for HSBC bank was unlawful. Not one of them replied. I was ultimately sacked for reporting them to the Solicitors Regulation Authority who confirmed it was unlawful. 


I recently had a very pleasant lunch meeting in London with the Chief Credit Management team from John Lewis, for whom I had acted for over twenty years. One had retired and the other was made redundant when HFC Bank took over the John Lewis account. It was great to catch up with all their […]

Bullet points

Here are some simplified bullet points requested by a journalist yesterday: HFC Bank (part of the HSBC Group) for many years applied unlawful contingency fees to defaulting  accounts via their solicitors Restons – 16.4% of debt was added. (John Lewis, Dixons, Curry’s, B&Q, HFC Bank, Beneficial Finance etc). There was no contractual provision for the […]

Whistleblowers UK Launch

Yesterday I attended the launch of Whistleblowers UK at City University. What a relief to meet people who understand how difficult my life has been over the last 10 years! Everybody I met was helpful, concerned and knowledgeable about all the pitfalls of whistleblowing. I hope to become fully involved with the organisation and to […]

Whistleblowers UK

On 12 December I will be attending the launch of Whistleblowers UK – a new organisation to support whistleblowers. Details here: The Launch  of Whistleblowers UK We would like to invite the press, members of the public, students and all interested parties to the official launch of Whistleblowers UK, on Wednesday 12 December at 12.30 […]

Ministry of Justice response to FoI request

In response to my request under the Freedom of Information Act to the Ministry of Justice for the number of claims issued by the two firms of solicitors since I informed HFC that the collection charges were unlawful, in 2003, they provided the following information. The number of claims issued was  91,689. With an average […]

Reporting Hamilton & Restons

I have today sent the following letter to the Solicitors Regulation Authority, reporting Duncan Hamilton and Restons for the unlawful practice they engaged in for many years. I hope the result will be more satisfactory than my report about my previous firm. I will post all responses from the SRA here.